I have created this blog because I want to share with all non French speakers the best diet, my secret to get and stay slim by eating cheese, chocolate, chips, kebab, orange juice, bread and much more!

I discovered this diet plan, an incredible “way of eating”, called Chrono Nutrition from the famous Dr Delabos, thanks to my aunty who studied all the existing diets in the world to achieve weight loss and that finally found this one which is basically a normal way of eating and a healthy diet…

This is a complete stress and frustration-free way of eating

  1. You always eat when you are hungry
  2. You can eat sweet things, savory things with any sauce you like
  3. You have to eat your breakfast, lunch, diner but also a snack!!!!

Discover this diet now! »

IT WORKS! Check Out my Chrono Diet Results:

Before and After: 10Kg less

I still need to loose some few more kilos (6 actually) which are localised on arms and thighs…

illustrationI live in London and I have adopted the Chrono Nutrition as a way of eating for 3 years now. I was 12.9 stones (82 kilos) at that time and today I am 10.7 stones (68 kg) and I haven’t taken my weight back!!!! Which is one of the risk when you do a diet.

But as i said, this one in not a limited time diet, it is a whole new way of eating.

Unfortunately the website and books written by Doctor Delabos are not translated in English, that is why I decided to write a blog.

All my colleagues and friends in London have been asking me about my diet because they could see how my shape has changed throughout these 3 years and it intrigued them.

Discover this diet now! »

6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Im a hypo theorod i take 100mc thyroxin i have 10 kgs to loose plz advise me about the good diet i should follow Thank u in advance.

    • Hello Zeina and sorry for my late reply. I’m not a doctor and only a fan of the chrono diet so I would not advice you on the best diet to do when you have hypo thyroid problems. However, I would advice you to look into natural fasting. It is an ancestral practice than cures you of many health problem. I went to fast 6 days in France in June and I loved it. I came back slimmer, full of energy, a new skin !

  2. So you are inventing the wheel do you have permission to advertise this diet or you have just decided to rewrite it for free? I am not surprised if that is the case

    • Hello Betty, thanks for your message. As I mentioned on my homepage, it’s Dr Delabos original diet. It’s my blog and I share my experience with this diet. I’m not rewriting the book, I’m just sharing the few things for people who don’t speak French.

    • Hello, thanks for your question. I confirm you that neither milk nor yogurt are good, only cheese because the lactise is almost 0% in cheese. And lactose seems not to be very good for our health.

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