Every Day Diet: Calculate your quantities

This quantities are based on the fact that you have a profession where you sit all day long like me:


Your Height Cheese Bread
150 cm 60 g 50 g
160 cm 80 g 60 g
170 cm 100 g 70 g
180 cm 120 g 80 g
190 cm 140 g 90 g


Type of Meat Your Height Quantity
Red meat 150 cm 170 g
160 cm 180 g
170 cm 190 g
180 cm 200 g
190 cm 210 g
White meat and Poul 150 cm 220 g
160 cm 230 g
170 cm 240 g
180 cm 250 g
190 cm 260 g
Delicatessen (Sausages, salami…) 150 cm 190 g
160 cm 200 g
170 cm 210 g
180 cm 220 g
190 cm 230 g
Eggs (no more than once a week) 150 cm 1.5
160 cm 2.5
170 cm 3.5
180 cm 4.5
190 cm 5.5


Your Height Quantity
150 cm 1 table spoon (poor you!)
160 cm 2 table spoons
170 cm 3 table spoons
180 cm 4 table spoons
190 cm 5 table spoons (lucky you!)


It is the same quantities for everyone and you should take 3 things:

  • 1 bar or 1 powder bag of proteins (tryptophan)

You can find the exact proteins created for this diet on this site: http://www.protifast.com/others/stress-moods-sleepiness.html. You can be delivered worldwide and the site is in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

  • 30 grams of vegetal fat
    • EITHER Dark chocolate (min 54 % cacao)
    • OR any kind of nuts, walnuts, etc.
    • OR olives
  • Natural Sugar:
  • 1 Chinese bowl (around 25 CL) of any fruits
  • OR half a Chinese bowl of dry fruits
  • OR half a LITER (50 CL) of orange juice (100% pressed fruit only – no added sugar)


Food Your Height Quantity
Fish 150 cm 250 g
160 cm 260 g
170 cm 270 g
180 cm 280 g
190 cm 290 g
White meat or poultry 150 cm 110 g
160 cm 120 g
170 cm 130 g
180 cm 140 g
190 cm 150 g
Green vegs 150 cm 2 table spoons
160 cm 3 table spoons
170 cm 4 table spoons
180 cm 5 table spoons
190 cm 6 table spoons

Now compare with the Starter Diet >>

13 thoughts on “Every Day Diet: Calculate your quantities

  1. Hi. I do not eat gluten, dairy or sugar. I follow mostly paleo diet. I lost 23 pounds this year but would like to loose another 10. A friend recommended I look into the Chrono diet. Are there any adaptations for gluten free and dairy free folks like me.

    • Hi Tatjana, well done for the 23 pounds!!!! The chrono diet is indeed a dairy free diet because all milk and yogurt should not be eaten. However a lot of cheese is recommended because the lactose contained in the cheeses is reduced to almost 0. But if you don’t want cheese you can replace it by charcuterie (ham, chorizo etc…) and egg (cooked as you wish). For the gluten free, I saw the answer of Sebastien Delabos (Dr Delabos’ son) in a forum and here is his answer:

      “Never mind for the butter, replace it with olive oil!

      If you are allergic to cow’s milk, use goat cheese or sheep, the composition should not be a problem. Where appropriate and if and only if you do not show high cholesterol, you can eat eggs and / or charcuterie … Another solution can sometimes be to hide the cheese in pie or quiche.

      Regarding bread, your problem is the gluten! The solution lies in the complete ouster of the latter. Generally, remove any food containing (which covers almost all of the industrial production!). You will find more or less exhaustive lists on the net.

      So replace your usual food by product Glut Free by providing you with organic food stores. Some supermarkets also offer gluten-free products.”

      If you want to loose 10 pounds which is 5 kg, then go for the Starter Chrono Diet. It is a 4 weeks program. I’m organising a global starter diet in January so you can join us!

      Good luck!

  2. Hi, I would like to know can I have milk in coffe sometimes (bcs I drink nescafe with milk, not water) and in those days maybe to eat less cheese ?
    Also I would like to know, when U say that I can replace meat with cheese for launch, can I have potato fries with cheese also, or do U mean for launch only meat, or only starch, etc…
    This tipe of diet looks amazing:)

    • Hello Ivana,

      Thank you very much for your comment, it is very sweet.

      So! You have an issue here because milk is clearly specified to be removed. Also, why do you drink Nescafé? It is very chemical, and would advice you to try to make yourself real coffee and try without milk. You will see how delicious it is. You could keep your coffee with milk on Sunday morning for example and treat yourself with a nice cheat meal for breakfast. You can do it twice a week if you are on the normal way of eating.
      You know what, my aunty offered me a programmable coffee machine and it wakes me up every morning at 6 with the nice fresh coffee smell. You should try that!!!

      For the lunch, yes you can have fried potatoes WITH cheese. For lunch, it is always PROTEINS (meat or cheese) AND STARCH (potatoes, rice etc.).

      I hope I managed to answer your questions and good luck! Please let us know your progress with it 🙂

      • Do I need to have the same kind of cheese in starter program every day or I can change from day to day? Also, I didn’t understand for snack, we need to choose one, right? Or we need to have 4 example chocolade, and then also fruit/juice?
        Can I skip protein bar/powder?

        Also, can I skip dinner somethimes bcs this is enough food for me if I have these 2 main meals and later snack…

      • Hello Ivana,
        In the starter, yes you need to have the same KIND of cheese all week, but not exactly the same cheese. For example, in week 1 menu you can have either camembert or brie.

        For the snack, you can have 4 different type of chocolate, but still chocolate during the first week. Same for the juice, any juice you like but it must juice.

        Dr Delabos says that the proteins addition is essential to give you all the nutriment your body need so I would advice you to have it.

        Regarding the diner, yes, I said you can skip the diner, and it is the fastest way to loose weight !

  3. I want to thank you for taking your time to make this available in English. I become interested in diet because I hear about it from friend but couldn’t find all the details. I’m thankful for all the information you provided.
    I’m little confused, here we have amount of food we need to follow but than in another post it is said to take your hight and divide it in two to get right amount of cheese for example. I’m 178cm and according to the chart above I can have 120 gr of cheese, when do I need to divide that amount in two?

  4. Hi, I would like to know how vegetetable proteins can be included and in which quantity? I really like tofu and soy products and I wouldn’t like to take them out of my diet.

    Also, for fruits (if I want to eat an apple or something like that) can I do it in the afternoon snack? Or do I have to eliminate them?

    And finally, any kind of cheese is allowed? Or you have any recommendations? Thank you!!

  5. Hi there – thank you so much for this great site! Someone I know at work (who is French) recommended this diet and yours is the best English language guide!
    Quick Q: I really do like milky coffees. Is it ok to substitute cow’s milk with almond/soy? Or do I have to have it completely black?
    Also – if I’m having espressos/black americano, am I allowed to have it between lunch and snack time?

  6. Hi there!
    I am coming to the end of the starter, will I continue to loose weight moving on to the comfort?
    Kind regards

  7. I was wondering if you could provide clarification on a few points; can or when is one able to eat fruit and vegetables or salads?

    If you can what would the calculation be for that according to height?

    If most of your oils are to be taken in the morning, then is it ok to put a dab of butter or oil on the starch with spices?

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

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