Starter Diet: Calculate your Quantites

This quantities are based on the fact that you have a profession where you sit all day long like me. What is your height? If it’s 170 cm then take this as a unit.


Your height in centimetres – 100 g (Example 170 – 100 g = 70 grams)

Half the quantity of the cheese: 70 / 2 = 35 grams


Your height in centimetres: 170 grams


Your Height Quantity
150 cm 1 table spoon (poor you!)
160 cm 2 table spoons
170 cm 3 table spoons
180 cm 4 table spoons
190 cm 5 table spoons (lucky you!)


It is the same quantities for everyone and you should take 3 things:

  • 1 bar or 1 powder bag of proteins (tryptophan)

You can find the exact proteins created for this diet on Amazon: Tryptozen proteins.

  • 30 grams of vegetal fat
    • EITHER Dark chocolate (min 54 % cacao)
    • OR any kind of nuts, walnuts, etc.
    • OR olives
  • Natural Sugar:
    • 1 Chinese bowl (around 25 CL) of any fruits
    • OR half a Chinese bowl of dry fruits
    • OR half a LITER (50 CL) of orange juice (100% pressed fruit only – no added sugar)


Your height in centimetres = 170 grams

If you don’t like Fish, eat white meat:
Your height – 60 g = 170 – 60 g = 110 grams


Your Height Quantity
150 cm 1 table spoon (poor you!)
160 cm 2 table spoons
170 cm 3 table spoons
180 cm 4 table spoons
190 cm 5 table spoons (lucky you!)

See the menus for each week:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Now compare with the Every Day diet >>

19 thoughts on “Starter Diet: Calculate your Quantites

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    • Hello, Dr Delabos says that the best moment to eat fruits is during the snack accompanied with dark chocolate or nuts. So if you love fruits, you can eat them everyday. I’m not sure to understand your question about how to manage the weight after 2 weeks? The ideal management is to measure yourself or look at the scale?

      • Hello Simmy, you should eat the most natural bread possible (like organic bread). Do never eat sliced bread that you find in plastic paper in supermarkets, it is full of sugar! White bread is to forget forever too…

  5. Hello! I don’t understand how to eat food measured in table spoons. For example in dinner menu it says that I (according to my height) should eat 3 table spoons of vegetables. So, how do I measure 3 table spoons of asparagus? Or tomatoes? Or cucumber? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Mina, that’s a very good question and answer to share with others too 🙂 In fact, the table spoon unit is given to create a picture of the volume you should ideally take. So it’s up to you to judge more or less how one asparagus will fit the volume of 3 table spoons. I guess you can eat 2 asparagus, 1 tomato, and for the cucumber you can use the table spoons if it is cut in thin slices. I hope it makes sense ?

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  7. Hello, Regarding vege intake for dinner I wonder how to measure 2 table spoon fresh vege?
    I normally eat lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Also is there sodium in fresh vege, if I eat raw without any added salt or dressing ?

    • Hi Vesna, it’s true it’s a bi odd to measure fresh veg with table spoon so you need to judge with the volume. Maybe eating 3 kind of veg is too much? Try to eat only tomatoe one night, only cucumber the other night etc. ? What I personally do for the lettuce, is judging with the eye how much compressed lettuce would fit in 2 table spoons.

      Hope that helps !

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  9. Hello there! I read the books so for cooked vegetables, suggestion is to take a certain numbers of spoons according to your height, for the salad – the serving size is a small salad plate… Additionally, the starchy portion of the lunch (potatoe) can be substituted with legumes – such as peas, beans, chick peas or pasta/rice – the books also contain some very nice recipes…

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