How long should you wait between meals?

Hungry man


I have received a question from a reader who was asking:

I think that Delabos says that there are certain rules in regards to how many hours are necessary
between meals…can you please tell me how much do I have to wait between meals and at what time you need to have dinner before going to bed?”

Here was my answer:

“You need to wait between 4 and 5 hours before having the next meal, actually it is when you get hungry again.
BUT, sometimes you can think you are hungry but in fact you are not, it is in your head 🙂 (willing to eat VS need to eat). That’s why it is good to know that you should take it only 4-5 hours after your meal.
The only time you can reduce this period is after your snack, usually you are hungry between 2-3 hours after and you can eat your diner 2-3 hours after your snack, only if you are sure you will go to sleep 3 hours after.”
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Have a lovely day!



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