Starter Diet – Week 2 menu


  • Cheese
    ____grams of cheese type Cheddar, Gouda… (check your quantities). You can choose one cheese per day or eat the same all week.
    Don’t like Cheese? Replace it by the same quantity of charcuterie (ham, chorizo etc…) + 1 egg (cooked as you wish)
  • Bread
    ____ grams of white bread like baguette!!! (check your quantities). Make sure this bread does not contain any sugar. The industrial square bread is full of sugar for example.
  • Olive Oil
    1 table spoon of olive oil or 10 grams of butter (same quantity for everyone)
    [Never eat margarine please, it is very chemical and does nothing for your health, enjoy the real butter!]
  • Drink
    Tea, Coffee, Sparking or Still Water WITHOUT ANY SUGAR
  • Daily Multivitamin
    Take a daily multivitamin to help you get on with the day.


  • Meat
    This week we are going to have red meat only (beef, lamb..)
    ____ grams of meat (check your quantities)
    Don’t like meat? Replace it by the same quantity of your breakfast cheese + fish in the quantity of meat indicted above.
  • Pasta
    ____ table spoons of pasta  (check your quantities).
    Don’t like Starch? Replace it by the same quantity of vegetables and add 10 grams of meat.
  • Drink
    3 big glasses of water + 1 Tea or Coffee WITHOUT ANY SUGAR



The snack quantities are valid for everyone.

  • Vegetable fats
    2 table spoons (or 12.5 cl) of any nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts…)
  • Fruits and sugar derivatives
    This week will be the cooked fruits week!
    2 table spoons of any cooked fruit. My favourite is cooked apple or pear.
    Any fruit is allowed except banana!


  • Fish
    This week we will eat fishes like cod, whiting, ray, flounder…
    ___ grams of fish (check your quantities).
    Don’t like fish? Replace it by white meat but remove 60 grams from the fish quantity above.
  • Vegetables
    This week will be leek asparagus and champignons type…
    ___table spoons of vegetables (check your quantities).
  • Drink
    3 big glasses of water + 1 Tea or Coffee WITHOUT ANY SUGAR


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