Ready for a new 4 weeks Global Starter Diet?

Hi everyone,

I would like to reiterate the experience we had in May and start a 4 weeks Starter Diet with everyone from all around the world.

The question is: when would YOU like to start it?

Please vote!

A special high five to people following my blog and Facebook page from SERBIA, the UNITED STATES and the UNITED KINGDOM !

World Audience November 2014

Wouldn’t that be nice to motivate each other during this experience and share our pain and satisfaction?

3 thoughts on “Ready for a new 4 weeks Global Starter Diet?

  1. I want to start the chrono diet this month its 21st of june now ,would like to start to morrow .
    I am roughly 160 cm wrist measurement 18cm . I am active with daily excercises and walk a lot

    • Hello,

      I can see you are truly motivated and I think the Chrono Diet is perfect for you (and us all)! So I would advice you to follow the 4 weeks Starter Diet and then change completely your eating habit with the Everyday Way of Eating. My site is a blog and I’m not a nutritionist so I can only encourage you! I’m with you with all of my heart. It’s good that you do exercises but it’s known that exercise doesn’t make you slimmer, it’s only what you eat. However, it helps you have a better shape. So tomorrow, start your day with a little bit of bread, a lot of cheese and olive oil! No sugar nor milk in your coffee or tea.

      All the best and let me know throughout your Chrono diet journey please so other people here can be encouraged too!

Please add any questions or comments, I will always answer!

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