Dr Delabos books if you can read French


I thought you would want to know where to get Dr Delabos books if you can read French or have someone around who could read it and explain it to you.

The basic book explaining the principles of Chrono Nutrition, as the “every day diet

Mincir sur mesure grâce à la chrono-nutrition, NOUVELLE EDITION ACTUALISEE

The Starter Diet Book where you can loose up to 8Kg in 4 weeks.

Le régime starter : Jusqu’à 8 kilos en 4 semaines maxi

The chrono diet special Ramadan for muslim!

La chrononutrition, spécial Ramadan : La méthode 130 recettes

Hopefully, they will be translated in English one day!

Please add any questions or comments, I will always answer!

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