How to gain weight fast in a healthy way?

Hi everyone,

If you feel you are too skinny, I wanted to highlight that Dr Delabos insists on the fact that the Chrono Diet is not ONLY about loosing weight, it is also about gaining weight in the right part of your body to get the shape you were designed for.

Eating cheese in the morning and sufficient meat at lunch with starch, sweet things for your snack and fish and vegetables in the evening is the perfect way to render the desired shape to your body whether you want to want to gain weight or loose weight fast.

The chrono diet is really one of the fast ways to gain weight if you need to.

I personally gained wait on my breast and lost my thighs fat! That was very surprising but very efficient!

Try the 4 weeks Starter Diet and you will see some effects as soon as the 2nd week.

The only challenge if you are used to eat sweet things in the morning or nothing at all, will  be to have cheese in the morning… But with my own experience (I was used to eat croissant or bread and jam in the morning) you get used to that after a couple of days.

Now, I eat every single day cheese, bread and olive oil for my breakfast, and can’t really stand anything sweet! It’s a question of habit.

Good luck!!



Please add any questions or comments, I will always answer!

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