Good news! You need to weight the food cooked (not raw)

I have just listened to some Doctor Delabos videos, and I have just learned that we need to weight the meat or fish COOKED, not raw like I use to do! He says that it’s because when you cook it, the weight reduces (which makes sense…)

That means: MORE FOOD 🙂

Why breakfast is a MUST?

Doctor Delabos has some very good videos and I really like this one, where he’s explaining why the breakfast is a very important meal and I have translated his precious advice for you guys below:


During the first time visit, when I speak to you about the breakfast, you tell me:”OH BUT DOCTOR, I NEVER EAT BREAKFAST!!!”

And I reply: “No way, this breakfast is A MUST, this is the MOST IMPORTANT of all meals!”

And it is very amusing to see when a man is supporting his wife in her diet but is only having his breakfast, he realises that he is losing weight almost as quickly as her, ONLY by having added the sacred cheese with the bread and butter (or olive oil) in the morning…

So I’m telling you that this breakfast is an absolute MUST and is the guarantee of the success and not to take this breakfast, unfortunately will lead to a failure even if the beginning it’s ok because you have some weight to lose, but in the days, weeks, or months, it WILL be a complete disaster if you do not eat a morning breakfast.


So just remind one thing, the breakfast in the morning IS ESSENTIAL, INEVITABLE, and you see that you will feel a huge change in your well-being, no more sensation of abnormal fatigue, you will see the difference…

What kind of chocolate can I eat in my snack?

A very good question from a reader:

I would like to start this diet as well. I have a question re the snack time: is it right that you can have it only after 5 pm? and how much can you have chocolate or what else for snack time? I mean, I would not be able to snack the olives…
I love sweets: milka, suchard, honey, etc.
Could you please give me your opinion on it.
Looking forward to hearing from you!


My answer:


1. You should have your snack time about 4 to 5 hours after your lunch, so it has nothing to do with the time.
2. For snack, you can eat about 30gr of DARK chocolate (54% min of cacao), sorry but you need to forget about Milka or Suchard. These are full of fats that will be stored immediately where you don’t want! However, I don’t know where you live but there are some really nice and sweet dark chocolates mixed with nuts which are delicious (Brand: Cote d’or). You should keep your Suchard and others for your joker meals!
3. What else for snack: all kind of nuts (30gr) and also something sweet like fruits, cooked fruit (example: apple in the oven is really nice or dried mangos..)”

There are 10 times more calcium in cheese than in milk

Reader’s question:

“re the dairy: what about calcium? as I see in this diet there is no at all place for calcium (except cheese in the morning).


“There is 10 times more calcium in cheese than in milk, so you don’t have to worry!
I hope this helps and good luck!”

Quantities to take for the magical snack time!

I received a very good question from a reader:

 I really like your website..
 Can you specify the quantity on the snack?
 How much chocolate/fruit/fat…??
Thanks so much”


And I replied:


“Thank you for your message! I’m happy that you like it.
Yes I know I need to update it to inform on the quantities for snack:
– 30 grams of dark chocolate (min  54% cacao) OR any nuts
– 1 Chinese bowl of fresh fruits (except bananas) OR half a Chinese bowl of dry fruits (like dates, apricots etc.) OR 50cl of freshly squeezed orange juice.
I hope this helps!”



Can I have my coffee with soy milk?

A reader asked me:

 “Hi! do you think that I can have my coffee with soy milk?”

And I replied:

“To be honest I have no clue, Doctor Delabos doesn’t mention this milk at all. If I listen to my intuition I would say yes because this is not fat, animal fat so I would say yes :-)”

How long should you wait between meals?


Hungry man


I have received a question from a reader who was asking:

I think that Delabos says that there are certain rules in regards to how many hours are necessary
between meals…can you please tell me how much do I have to wait between meals and at what time you need to have dinner before going to bed?”

Here was my answer:

“You need to wait between 4 and 5 hours before having the next meal, actually it is when you get hungry again.
BUT, sometimes you can think you are hungry but in fact you are not, it is in your head 🙂 (willing to eat VS need to eat). That’s why it is good to know that you should take it only 4-5 hours after your meal.
The only time you can reduce this period is after your snack, usually you are hungry between 2-3 hours after and you can eat your diner 2-3 hours after your snack, only if you are sure you will go to sleep 3 hours after.”
Send me your questions and I will always reply (if I can!)
Have a lovely day!



Every Day Diet: Calculate your quantities

This quantities are based on the fact that you have a profession where you sit all day long like me:


Your Height Cheese Bread
150 cm 60 g 50 g
160 cm 80 g 60 g
170 cm 100 g 70 g
180 cm 120 g 80 g
190 cm 140 g 90 g


Type of Meat Your Height Quantity
Red meat 150 cm 170 g
160 cm 180 g
170 cm 190 g
180 cm 200 g
190 cm 210 g
White meat and Poul 150 cm 220 g
160 cm 230 g
170 cm 240 g
180 cm 250 g
190 cm 260 g
Delicatessen (Sausages, salami…) 150 cm 190 g
160 cm 200 g
170 cm 210 g
180 cm 220 g
190 cm 230 g
Eggs (no more than once a week) 150 cm 1.5
160 cm 2.5
170 cm 3.5
180 cm 4.5
190 cm 5.5


Your Height Quantity
150 cm 1 table spoon (poor you!)
160 cm 2 table spoons
170 cm 3 table spoons
180 cm 4 table spoons
190 cm 5 table spoons (lucky you!)


It is the same quantities for everyone and you should take 3 things:

  • 1 bar or 1 powder bag of proteins (tryptophan)

You can find the exact proteins created for this diet on this site: You can be delivered worldwide and the site is in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

  • 30 grams of vegetal fat
    • EITHER Dark chocolate (min 54 % cacao)
    • OR any kind of nuts, walnuts, etc.
    • OR olives
  • Natural Sugar:
  • 1 Chinese bowl (around 25 CL) of any fruits
  • OR half a Chinese bowl of dry fruits
  • OR half a LITER (50 CL) of orange juice (100% pressed fruit only – no added sugar)


Food Your Height Quantity
Fish 150 cm 250 g
160 cm 260 g
170 cm 270 g
180 cm 280 g
190 cm 290 g
White meat or poultry 150 cm 110 g
160 cm 120 g
170 cm 130 g
180 cm 140 g
190 cm 150 g
Green vegs 150 cm 2 table spoons
160 cm 3 table spoons
170 cm 4 table spoons
180 cm 5 table spoons
190 cm 6 table spoons

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