Can I have my coffee with soy milk?

A reader asked me:

 “Hi! do you think that I can have my coffee with soy milk?”

And I replied:

“To be honest I have no clue, Doctor Delabos doesn’t mention this milk at all. If I listen to my intuition I would say yes because this is not fat, animal fat so I would say yes :-)”


Starter – When should you have your proteins?

Another reader asked me about the proteins to take in the starter diet:

“When shall I take the proteins?”


“You should take your protein powder or bar as part of your snack. This is the first thing you should take when the snack time comes (when you get hungry in the afternoon which is 4-5 hours after your lunch)”


I remind that the proteins are to take ONLY during the starter diet and I also remind that, if you want to repeat the starter diet, WAIT 2 MONTHS before doing it again.

How long should you wait between meals?


Hungry man


I have received a question from a reader who was asking:

I think that Delabos says that there are certain rules in regards to how many hours are necessary
between meals…can you please tell me how much do I have to wait between meals and at what time you need to have dinner before going to bed?”

Here was my answer:

“You need to wait between 4 and 5 hours before having the next meal, actually it is when you get hungry again.
BUT, sometimes you can think you are hungry but in fact you are not, it is in your head 🙂 (willing to eat VS need to eat). That’s why it is good to know that you should take it only 4-5 hours after your meal.
The only time you can reduce this period is after your snack, usually you are hungry between 2-3 hours after and you can eat your diner 2-3 hours after your snack, only if you are sure you will go to sleep 3 hours after.”
Send me your questions and I will always reply (if I can!)
Have a lovely day!



Merry Christmas and enjoy the nice food!

Galette des rois photoFor these Christmas festivities, personally I do not do any diet. Except in the morning where I always eat my bread, my butter and my cheese… And I still have some strict rules: no sugar in the coffee and no sweet before snack time…

But let’s enjoy some nice meals with no frustrations and do the starter diet in January!!!

Here in France we have the tradition of the “Galette des rois” on the first Sunday of January and I will not miss that either!

Have a look at the Galette des rois recipe in English.

Enjoy your end of the year celebrations all!

Fast Diet is too hard to handle…

In my last post dated April, I said I was trying a mix between Chrono and Fast diet. Fast diet is too hard to follow, fasting twice a week sounds great but if one of these days comes on a day you are a bit down, or if your colleagues ask you to go out for dinner or pub, then you feel frustrated. So I’m pleased to announce that I will really redo the starter diet which always works well for me!

Chrono Diet and Fast Diet: Is it compatible?

I have just read the Fast Diet by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spenser. This is an other revolutionary way of eating: you eat LESS twice a week only (500 calories for women and 600 for men). This is good not only for weight loss but also for your general health and energy.

I have already tried fasting last year for 3 days (I wanted to try what was the Ramadan like) and I felt so much energy after 3 days. That was a bit surreal, I thought that the energy contained in your fat that your body uses when you fast has got a lot more energy than the one contained in the food you consume. Also, I did it because I read a lot of benefits on fasting. Our body is designed for it (see my post Good news: 10 kg more than your normal weight is natural (women only!)).

SO, I will try the combination of Chrono Diet and Fast Diet and will tell you the results.

I have not been good in my Chrono Diet for few weeks now and I haven’t lost any more weight (but I haven’t taken any either). Today I’m 69 KG. I have started the Fast Diet last Thursday, and it was OK because you can drink as much water, tea or coffee (with no milk or sugar of course) throughout the day. I haven’t eaten since the morning until 7:30 in the evening which was almost 22 hours fast. The day after I felt already an energy that I didn’t have before and I enjoyed eating normally . Tomorrow Monday is my second fast day, I’m ready for it!

I will keep you posted!

Good news: 10 kg more than your normal weight is natural (women only!)

Ancient statue of a woman

In the history of human development, having 10 more kg for women has been “designed” by God or the Nature as you prefer, to have enough “stock” in case of falling pregnant in a period of shortage. That’s why we, women, generally tend to get more weight than men. However, once the menopause comes, no more excuses to get these extra 10kg!

And no excuses either for women who live in countries with food abundance !