3 things to think when you eat

Woman Eating

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have recently discovered something amazing I want to share with you. Since I am practicing it, I am much less tempted over crap food with no effort.

You now know WHAT to eat but do you know HOW?

Our scientific society is now expert in knowing what we should eat, how many calories everything contains, what makes you fat, what gives you energy, what gives you high cholesterol level etc. These scientific findings are great…

BUT do we only know HOW we should eat? Most of us eat in noisy environment, talking, watching TV, for some people reading a book or else. We are not paying attention to what we are eating and this is contributing to our starvings and cravings…

If we change our attitude towards nutrition, we don’t need to do a diet. This is what Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, a great spiritual man, is teaching and, beyond the curiosity that this man is emanating, I firmly believe in it, because it sounds SO logical…

The 3 main things to do are:

  1. Be grateful to the Universe, God or the creator as you wish, to let us eat ! Thinking about many people starving in the world. We are so lucky!
  2. Concentrate on your food, sensation and feelings. What it is that you are introducing in your body? Think where it comes from, how long did this vegetable took to grow? Where did it grow? How this meat came into your plate, how long did the nature took to create this food for you.
  3. Think about all the good things this food will do to your body. All the vitamins, the benefits that they will provide you (even if you have no clue of what it is).

This is quite simple, but in practice, VERY hard to do. For that, you must be in a very calm atmosphere, do not talk, or if you talk, make a break in your eating.

This is a very short summary of his concept but if you are interested, you can read his book: The Yoga of Nutrition

That teaching is also very much linked with a book I’m reading now: Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ

This book has been written by a lovely German student, Giulia Enders, who explains in a very fun way (breaking the taboos) how our inside body works (poo and all..), and how our intestines are linked to our behaviour/mood, it is our second brain. But she also confirms that having any kind of stress while eating is sooooo bad for you.

Let me know if you have any comment on that!!

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Why breakfast is a MUST?

Doctor Delabos has some very good videos and I really like this one, where he’s explaining why the breakfast is a very important meal and I have translated his precious advice for you guys below:


During the first time visit, when I speak to you about the breakfast, you tell me:”OH BUT DOCTOR, I NEVER EAT BREAKFAST!!!”

And I reply: “No way, this breakfast is A MUST, this is the MOST IMPORTANT of all meals!”

And it is very amusing to see when a man is supporting his wife in her diet but is only having his breakfast, he realises that he is losing weight almost as quickly as her, ONLY by having added the sacred cheese with the bread and butter (or olive oil) in the morning…

So I’m telling you that this breakfast is an absolute MUST and is the guarantee of the success and not to take this breakfast, unfortunately will lead to a failure even if the beginning it’s ok because you have some weight to lose, but in the days, weeks, or months, it WILL be a complete disaster if you do not eat a morning breakfast.


So just remind one thing, the breakfast in the morning IS ESSENTIAL, INEVITABLE, and you see that you will feel a huge change in your well-being, no more sensation of abnormal fatigue, you will see the difference…

There are 10 times more calcium in cheese than in milk

Reader’s question:

“re the dairy: what about calcium? as I see in this diet there is no at all place for calcium (except cheese in the morning).


“There is 10 times more calcium in cheese than in milk, so you don’t have to worry!
I hope this helps and good luck!”

Your stomach is as big as your fist

FistOne thing I always think about when I eat, is that your stomach is as big as the volume of your fist! So when you serve yourself, the quantity you place in your plate should not exceed this volume. One trick is to always eat in a bowl that contains this volume. That’s a trick that I have learn when I read “L’art de la simplicite” (the art of simplicity) written by Dominique Loreau. This is a book I advice to everyone! She says that, even if you have never been slim in your life, you can!

Breaking news: hypercholesteromia results are clear!

Photo of a happy womanI CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I have been having high cholesterol for years and I thought it was a family thing (my both parents have this). But I made a blood test last week to check how it was after 1 year of Chrono Diet…. Received a text from the NHS yesterday telling me “Your results have been received and no action is required“. INCREDIBLE! Then yes it may be a family thing, but not genetically, it must be the way we eat and what we eat.

Years ago my gynecologist in France found that the pill I was taking was rising my cholesterol to a dangerous level too so I decided to STOP THIS SH… (see articles third and fourth pill generations articles these days.. DO NOT TAKE THE PILL this is my advice to you) but even after I stopped, I still had high cholesterol (less but still). So the doctor asked me to be careful with my diet… Here you go! 🙂

A last note on the pill, I took the pill from 15 to 26 years old, and the day I stopped, 6 months after a horrible acne came onto my face and back which I kept for 4 years until I eventually decided to do the Roacutane treatment. A similar thing happened to one of my friend which told me that there is study making a link between women who take the pill early and stop after several years, and acne appearing late…

Why you should not take the pill:

France confirms Diane-35 drug deaths
Are Yaz, Yasmin, and Drospirenone Birth Control Pills Putting Your Health at Risk?

Eating A LOT of vegetables gives you a big bum!

Incredible but true: if you think you will get slimmer by eating salads and only vegs, you are totally wrong.

big_bumVegetables contain a lot of salt that will retain water in your body and be localised on your bum and thighs.

So obviously, eating vegetables is absolutely necessary, but if you eat TOO MUCH of it, you increase your chance to get (or you decrease your chance to get rid of) CELLULITE.

Conclusion: eat meat to have a firm body, eat vegetables and your body will have the texture of a veg…

Cheese: the medicine against Hypercholesterolemia…

Woman eating cheese

Apparently. if you eat cheese in the morning, your body will use the cheese fat to regenerate your cell walls and reduce the bad cholesterol… The biology process explained in Dr Delabos’ book is a bit too complex and I can’t really translate it because it is hard to understand if you don’t know biology like me… 🙂

But be careful, cheese is only for the morning and in some cases lunch but consuming it in the afternoon or evening, your body will store the fat and may raise your bad cholesterol.

Milk is for children

Look at the nature, who drinks milk? BABIES.

Old man drinking milk in baby bottle
It is not good to drink milk or eat yogurt when you are grown up because it can cause you allergies to lactose, which reduced to almost 0 in cheese process. Also, good to know, cheese contains 10 times more calcium than milk or yogurt!

It is also know that if you have acne, then stopping the consumption of milk MAY improve your skin, specially if you allergic to lactose. You can still drink soya milk if you want!