3 things to think when you eat

Woman Eating

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have recently discovered something amazing I want to share with you. Since I am practicing it, I am much less tempted over crap food with no effort.

You now know WHAT to eat but do you know HOW?

Our scientific society is now expert in knowing what we should eat, how many calories everything contains, what makes you fat, what gives you energy, what gives you high cholesterol level etc. These scientific findings are great…

BUT do we only know HOW we should eat? Most of us eat in noisy environment, talking, watching TV, for some people reading a book or else. We are not paying attention to what we are eating and this is contributing to our starvings and cravings…

If we change our attitude towards nutrition, we don’t need to do a diet. This is what Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, a great spiritual man, is teaching and, beyond the curiosity that this man is emanating, I firmly believe in it, because it sounds SO logical…

The 3 main things to do are:

  1. Be grateful to the Universe, God or the creator as you wish, to let us eat ! Thinking about many people starving in the world. We are so lucky!
  2. Concentrate on your food, sensation and feelings. What it is that you are introducing in your body? Think where it comes from, how long did this vegetable took to grow? Where did it grow? How this meat came into your plate, how long did the nature took to create this food for you.
  3. Think about all the good things this food will do to your body. All the vitamins, the benefits that they will provide you (even if you have no clue of what it is).

This is quite simple, but in practice, VERY hard to do. For that, you must be in a very calm atmosphere, do not talk, or if you talk, make a break in your eating.

This is a very short summary of his concept but if you are interested, you can read his book: The Yoga of Nutrition

That teaching is also very much linked with a book I’m reading now: Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ

This book has been written by a lovely German student, Giulia Enders, who explains in a very fun way (breaking the taboos) how our inside body works (poo and all..), and how our intestines are linked to our behaviour/mood, it is our second brain. But she also confirms that having any kind of stress while eating is sooooo bad for you.

Let me know if you have any comment on that!!

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How would you look like if you were slim?



Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that I’m launching a fun and efficient tool to help us get some profound motivation to get the body of our dreams!

It is called SlimShoot!

I’m also delighted to offer a special -50% PROMO to any MyChronoDiet Visitors (specify it in the contact form)

A SlimShoot is a photo of your face with your dream body.

How does it work?

  • You send me your best portrait picture and your body shape
  • I find the perfect model/celebrity picture that has your body shape, hair and skin colors, chest size, as well as the right head position from your portrait picture.
  • I replace meticulously the model’s face with your face with Photoshop
  • And I send it to you by email so you can stick it on your vision board or fridge, or wherever you want to keep in mind your slimming goal!

Why does it work?

This had a terrific effect on your subconscious as this is completing a very ancient psychological technic of “visualisation”. If you can visualise yourself with the body you want during 21 days, your subconscious will end “believing” this is you and your body and will do everything so that it is TRUE. That works with anything you want!

Here is my Slimshoot:

I found a photo of me that I quite liked. Then I searched the Internet for hours for a model that would have the same shape as me (I have quite a big chest and very large hips). Then I found a great artistic picture of Marlene Favela, a Mexican actress and I replaced her face with mine just to see how I would be if I were as slim as I want to be.

Cecile's Original Photo

1. Cecile’s Original Photo

Marlene Favela's photo

2. Marlene Favela’s photo


My SlimShoot's picture

3. My SlimShoot!

The result was so encouraging to me that I stuck it on my Vision board, my fridge and my phone home screen! Since I did that, I’m more motivated than ever to reach the slimness I want!

I priced it £99 because I spend quite a few hours doing that meticulous job, but as I said, I offer -50% to any MyChronoDiet visitors 🙂 (specify it in the contact form)

Get your SlimShoot now for £49,50 instead of £99 !

Have a lovely slimming process!




How to gain weight fast in a healthy way?

Hi everyone,

If you feel you are too skinny, I wanted to highlight that Dr Delabos insists on the fact that the Chrono Diet is not ONLY about loosing weight, it is also about gaining weight in the right part of your body to get the shape you were designed for.

Eating cheese in the morning and sufficient meat at lunch with starch, sweet things for your snack and fish and vegetables in the evening is the perfect way to render the desired shape to your body whether you want to want to gain weight or loose weight fast.

The chrono diet is really one of the fast ways to gain weight if you need to.

I personally gained wait on my breast and lost my thighs fat! That was very surprising but very efficient!

Try the 4 weeks Starter Diet and you will see some effects as soon as the 2nd week.

The only challenge if you are used to eat sweet things in the morning or nothing at all, will  be to have cheese in the morning… But with my own experience (I was used to eat croissant or bread and jam in the morning) you get used to that after a couple of days.

Now, I eat every single day cheese, bread and olive oil for my breakfast, and can’t really stand anything sweet! It’s a question of habit.

Good luck!!


Dr Delabos books if you can read French


I thought you would want to know where to get Dr Delabos books if you can read French or have someone around who could read it and explain it to you.

The basic book explaining the principles of Chrono Nutrition, as the “every day diet

Mincir sur mesure grâce à la chrono-nutrition, NOUVELLE EDITION ACTUALISEE

The Starter Diet Book where you can loose up to 8Kg in 4 weeks.

Le régime starter : Jusqu’à 8 kilos en 4 semaines maxi

The chrono diet special Ramadan for muslim!

La chrononutrition, spécial Ramadan : La méthode 130 recettes

Hopefully, they will be translated in English one day!

Starter Diet – Week 4 menu

I dedicate this post to Nico who was the only one complaining that the 4th week was missing!!!


  • Cheese
    ____grams of unpasteurised cow’s milkcheese like Chambertin, Rouy, Munster… (check your quantities). You can choose one cheese per day or eat the same all week.
    Don’t like Cheese? Replace it by the same quantity of charcuterie (ham, chorizo etc…) + 1 egg (cooked as you wish)
  • Bread
    ____ grams of brown bread like Poilane (check your quantities). Make sure this bread does not contain any sugar. The industrial square bread is full of sugar for example.
  • Olive Oil
    1 table spoon of olive oil or 10 grams of butter (same quantity for everyone)
    [Never eat margarine please, it is very chemical and does nothing for your health, enjoy the real butter!]
  • Drink
    Tea, Coffee, Sparking or Still Water WITHOUT ANY SUGAR
  • Daily Multivitamin
    Take a daily multivitamin to help you get on with the day.


  • Meat
    This week we are going to have pork.
    If you don’t like pork or you are muslim, Dr Delabos doesn’t talk about any replacement meat, but I would suggest Poultry instead.
    ____ grams of meat (check your quantities)
    Don’t like meat? Replace it by the same quantity of your breakfast cheese + fish in the quantity of meat indicted above.
  • Beans
    ____ table spoons of beans (green, white, lentils, chickpeas) (check your quantities).
    Don’t like Starch? Replace it by the same quantity of vegetables and add 10 grams of meat.
  • Drink
    3 big glasses of water + 1 Tea or Coffee WITHOUT ANY SUGAR



The snack quantities are valid for everyone.

  • Fancy things!!!!
    80 gr of marzipan OR half avocado OR 2 table spoons of caramelised nuts OR 30 grams of melted dark chocolate OR 30 grams of peanuts coated with nougatine.
  • Fresh fruits
    This week will be the fresh fruits week!
    Half a chinese bowl of fresh fruits like grapefruit, strawberries, melon, red fruits, apples, pears etc.


  • Sea Food
    This week we will any see food…
    ___ grams of fish (check your quantities).
  • Roots Vegetables
    This week will be radishes, carrots, celery etc.
    ___table spoons of vegetables (check your quantities).
  • Drink
    3 big glasses of water + 1 Tea or Coffee WITHOUT ANY SUGAR


3 things to eat in your Starter Chrono Diet Breakfast

Breakfast: whole meat bread and brie

Breakfast: whole meat bread and brie

Today is a special post on the most important meal of the Chrono Diet: the BREAKFAST!

Yes, if you skip it, you literally ruin your diet day because your will get so hungry in the evening that you will eat whatever you find!

Eat your breakfast before 8 am; it is very important to follow the chrono biology, which is how your body works during the day. Your body will assimilate very fast and use the animal fat contained in the cheese to rebuild your cells.

So the 3 things to eat are:

– Whole meat bread.

Take you height in cm, remove 100 cm and divide it by 2. You have the grams you need. It is a very small amount of bread. Your body does not need more than this. This bread must not contain any kind of sugar. Please check on the package!

– Olive oil:

Pour a little bit of olive oil on your bread to make it tasty.

– Cheese:

Take your height in cm and remove 100 cm. You have your quantity of cheese in grams. This seems a lot but it is what you need to get full up until 12 or 1pm for your lunch.

Important note: cheese contains 10 times more calcium than milk or yogurt.

Please leave your comments below and share your thoughts, or where to buy bread with no sugar in your country please!!!

Enjoy your breakfast!

For more details on Breakfast, check out Dr Delabos’ video on Why the breakfast is a must that I translated for you.



January Starter Diet


I have started yesterday the Starter Diet to get rid of all the sugars and others from the end of year celebrations! I hope some of you have started it, I know Athena from Florida started it!

So this first week menu, I chose:

– for breakfast (before 8 am): whole grain bread, olive oil and camembert…

– for lunch (at least 4 or 5 hours after breakfast): chicken and rice

– for snack (at least 4 or 5 hours after lunch): 30 grams of dark chocolate (54% cacao minimum) and 50 cl of 100% pressed orange juice

– for diner (at least 2 hours after snack but 3 hours before sleeping): salmon and broccoli

These are some photos of my meals!

Lunch: Chicken and Rice

Lunch: Chicken and Rice

Diner: Salmon and Broccoli

Diner: Salmon and Broccoli









Don’t forget to check your quantities and eat only if you are hungry (except breakfast, it is a must) otherwise it won’t work!


Good luck to all!

What do French ladies eat during the winter?

This post is dedicated to one of our reader Athena from Panama City, Florida in the US, who kindly requested to know the answer to this question… So here you go Athena!

Impossible to answer this question accurately because there are probably at least as many ways to eat as there are French ladies!!

However, here are some trends…

The least we can say is that our behaviour in this matter is very paradoxical. Our pace of life and the dictates of fashion, influence us to prefer fast food or a diet low in animal proteins. Luckily, our culture of taste takes over and prompts us to look for the flavour in everything we eat and drink. Therefore, all opportunities are good to concoct delicious dishes with fresh basic products, spices, meat or fish and to vary the pleasures.

In winter specifically, we favour soups, stews … We also like fondue, raclette, gratins. We appreciate (also) a lot of grilled meat (pork, beef, lamb…) and fish.

Over the christmas celebrations, we prefer wildfowl, fine and delicate dishes such as shellfish, fish, white meat (like rabbit, quail…), old vegetables (Jerusalem artichokes, parsnips, squash…), chestnuts….

Finally, we are great amateur of pastries, sweets, cheese and wine, especially when it is very cold!!!

To conclude, whether you are in the rush, “fashionista” or others, our culinary credo might be:

“A life at 100 miles an hour but full of flavours!”

French Boeuf Bourguignon

This is a nice Boeuf Bourguignon I ate last week. Perfect for the cold winter…

Original French Text:

Que mangent les françaises en hiver ?

Impossible de répondre précisément à cette question car il y a surement au moins autant de façons de se nourrir qu’il y a de françaises !!

Quelques tendances toutefois…

Le moins que l’on puisse dire, c’est que notre comportement en la matière est très paradoxal. Notre rythme de vie et les diktats de la mode, nous « poussent » à privilégier la restauration rapide ou une alimentation faible en protéines animales.

Toutefois, notre culture du goût reprend heureusement le dessus et nous incite à rechercher de la saveur dans tout ce que nous mangeons ou ( nous ) buvons.
Dès lors, toutes les occasions sont bonnes pour mitonner des bons petits plats à base de produits frais, d’épices, de viande ou de poisson et à varier les plaisirs.

En hiver précisément, nous privilégions les plats mijotés : potages, ragoûts… Nous aimons également les fondues, la raclette, les gratins. Nous apprécions (également)beaucoup la viande grillée (porc, bœuf, agneau…) et le poisson.

Pendant les fêtes, nous privilégions le gibier, les mets fins et délicats comme les crustacés, les poissons, la viande blanche ( du type lapin, caille…), les légumes anciens ( topinambour, panais, courges….), les marrons…. Nous sommes enfin de grandes amatrices de pâtisseries, de confiseries, de fromage et de vin, particulièrement quand il fait très froid !!!

En conclusion, que l’on soit pressée, « fashionista » ou autre , notre credo culinaire pourrait être :

« Une vie à 100 à l’heure mais pleine de saveurs ! »

Ready for a new 4 weeks Global Starter Diet?

Hi everyone,

I would like to reiterate the experience we had in May and start a 4 weeks Starter Diet with everyone from all around the world.

The question is: when would YOU like to start it?

Please vote!

A special high five to people following my blog and Facebook page from SERBIA, the UNITED STATES and the UNITED KINGDOM !

World Audience November 2014

Wouldn’t that be nice to motivate each other during this experience and share our pain and satisfaction?

Success Story: Chrono Diet is the Slimming Ally of a French Lady

I’m very pleased to publish this first success story:

Before / After Picture

“Sporty and having a sweet tooth, I always managed to control my weight gain. The arrival of my wonderful little boy has complicated the situation. I had to deal with 22 KGs more.

The method of Dr. Delabos helped me to regain confidence in my ability to lose quickly with the Starter Plan and secondly to never let the pounds settle permanently thanks to the Chrono Diet.

This is my slimming ally for over four years and I intend to keep it for life because it allows me to both pay attention to what I eat while letting me go to thousand and one little pleasures without feeling guilty!”

Please send me your success story to be published anonymously !

Original French Text:

“Gourmande et Sportive, j’ai toujours réussi à maîtriser ma prise de poids. L’arrivée de mon merveilleux petit garçon a compliqué la donne. J’ai du composer avec 22 KGs en plus.

La méthode du Docteur Delabos m’a permis d’une part de reprendre confiance en ma capacité de perdre rapidement grâce au Régime Starter et d’autre part de ne jamais laisser les kilos s’installer durablement grâce à la Chrononutrition.

C’est mon allier minceur depuis plus de quatre ans et je compte bien le garder pour la vie car il me permet à la fois de faire attention à ce que je mange tout en me laissant aller a mille et un petits plaisirs sans culpabiliser !”