Starter Diet

“The diet that made me slimmer”

1 cheat meal per week is allowed! (including alcohol)

This starter diet is really when you see the difference. You can loose from 4 to 8 KG in 4 weeks). I did it twice and have always lost 4 KG each time (maybe if you don’t have these cheat meal you loose more!).

IMPORTANT! Do not do this diet for more than 4 consecutive weeks and wait at least 2 months before doing it again.

During these 4 weeks, you eat the same things as the Every day Way of Eating but you just:

  • Reduce the quantities
  • Take some multivitamins tablets every morning
  • Take some proteins just before having your snack in afternoon

What I eat on a daily basis

I am 5.8 feet (which is 176 cm), all my quantities will be based on 176 cm. Please refer to the advised quantities to get the one that suit your height.


  • 2 tablets of any multivitamin mix [any multivitamin you find in your health local store]
  • 1 slice of Bread [equivalent to (176 -100)/2 = 38 grams]
    Note: Bread should not contain any sugar
  • 1 table spoon of olive oil OR 10 grams of butter
  • Loads of cheese (176 -100 = 76 grams)
  • Coffee or tea WITH NO SUGAR


  • Loads of meat (176 grams)
  • Starch: rice, pasta, chips, potatoes… 4 table spoons for me (table spoon also based on my height)

Afternoon snack!!! (same for every height)

      • 1 bar or 1 powder bag of Tryptozen proteins (you can get them on Amazon)
      • Dark chocolate (min 54 % cacao) OR any kind of nuts, walnuts, etc. OR olives
      • Any fruits OR dry fruits OR orange juice (100% pressed fruit and drink half a liter)

Taking these complementary proteins are mandatory because your body will miss indispensable elements during these 4 weeks and taking them will help you calm your hunger and feel energetic.


      • 176 grams of Fish
      • 4 table spoons of Vegetables

Sounds good isn’t it?

Calculate your Starter Diet quantities »

See the menus for each week:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4 (coming soon)

24 thoughts on “Starter Diet

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  3. Hi I ‘ m a new member of your site. I just want ask you if I going to the gym in the morning what I should eat before or after gym ? Thnxs

    • Hi Ivana,

      Dr Delabos says that it is good to eat 1 banana 1 hour before going to the gym. What time are you going to the gym in the morning?

  4. Not so fond of bread, Could I substitute other starch for breakfast such as rice, oatmeal, quinoa, pasta, noodles, crackers, starchy vegetable ?

    • Sorry for late answer, I have been quite busy in others things these days.
      YES YOU CAN!! Dr Delabos talks in his books about rice and pasta. However, definitely no crackers. And if you eat oatmeal, do not add any milk. hope it getting well for you?

  5. Thank you SO much. I have had such a great result so far and am just beginning.
    Had been captive to a terrible habit of compulsive evening eating. Now I realize that my body was just trying to get what it was not getting earlier in the day when it could have properly assimilated the nourishment. Now, after the afternoon snack, I am often indifferent to even having a small evening meal. I awake feeling alert and refreshed whereas before I was feeling sluggish in the morning from making my digestion work overnight when it was least capable and most in need of rest. WOW! Any further details on fine tuning greatly appreciated. I understand about no dessert, no milk or yogurt, and you mentioned no crackers (just wheat or rice too?) Are there any other foods that are categorically excluded?

    • Thank you for your comment, this is just great!
      So let me think, apart from milk, yogurt, soups and any industrial meal/biscuits/cakes, milk chocolate etc., nothing else is forbidden…

  6. Hi, Dr

    today is my 5th days of diet at the lunch I had small quatities of dessert and meat with rice there was a cleberation and party in my office I couldnt avoided it, shall I continu with the diet , or shoul i restart it again. I am planning to do hard exersise at the evening .

    Plead advise me.

    • Hello Farida!
      Just a quick precision before I answer your question, I’m not Doctor Delabos, I’m just a fan practising the Chrono Diet and I share my knowledge of it in English because there is no material to read in English 🙂
      So congratulations for starting it! It’s fine if you had some dessert because you are allowed 1 or 2 cheat meals per week! So just consider you have done it and wait until next week to have your other cheat meal.
      Are you doing the Starter Diet or the Everyday one? Just a reminder that on the Starter Diet the 4 weeks program), you are allowed 1 cheat meal per week. On the everyday one (the life one), you are allowed 2 cheat meals per week.
      Have a good day!

    • Hello, I’m happy to see that someone has finally complained!! I thought no one was doing it and I gave up. So I will be pleased to post the last week asap!!!! Thank you for reading my blog and I would love to receive your success story if possible to publish on my blog:-)

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  9. hi, i was researching this nutrition regime, and i don’t seem to find any vegetarian menues 😦 i do not eat meat, meat products, fish or sea food and i do not appreciate soy since it is geneticaly modified. any suggestion for substitutes?

    • Hello, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, the chrono nutrition is based on a lot of proteins which is mostly found in meat. I know that we can have the equivalent in some vegetables but you would have to eat a lot of quantities. I’m really sorry I can’t help you as I can’t find any documentation in French about that 😦

  10. Hey thanks for your hard work on here.
    You refer to one type of protein bars but there is no détails about them.
    Could you recommend any alternative protein bar easy to find in the UK?

    Thanks for your help


  11. Am about to start this way of eating. My only concern is that if I am not hungry for dinner and skip it, I will not be eating any vegetables. Also I find it rather difficult to eat 170g of meat at lunch and would be much happier with about 120 g max. Will this affect the weight loss

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