3 things to eat in your Starter Chrono Diet Breakfast

Breakfast: whole meat bread and brie

Breakfast: whole meat bread and brie

Today is a special post on the most important meal of the Chrono Diet: the BREAKFAST!

Yes, if you skip it, you literally ruin your diet day because your will get so hungry in the evening that you will eat whatever you find!

Eat your breakfast before 8 am; it is very important to follow the chrono biology, which is how your body works during the day. Your body will assimilate very fast and use the animal fat contained in the cheese to rebuild your cells.

So the 3 things to eat are:

– Whole meat bread.

Take you height in cm, remove 100 cm and divide it by 2. You have the grams you need. It is a very small amount of bread. Your body does not need more than this. This bread must not contain any kind of sugar. Please check on the package!

– Olive oil:

Pour a little bit of olive oil on your bread to make it tasty.

– Cheese:

Take your height in cm and remove 100 cm. You have your quantity of cheese in grams. This seems a lot but it is what you need to get full up until 12 or 1pm for your lunch.

Important note: cheese contains 10 times more calcium than milk or yogurt.

Please leave your comments below and share your thoughts, or where to buy bread with no sugar in your country please!!!

Enjoy your breakfast!

For more details on Breakfast, check out Dr Delabos’ video on Why the breakfast is a must that I translated for you.



January Starter Diet


I have started yesterday the Starter Diet to get rid of all the sugars and others from the end of year celebrations! I hope some of you have started it, I know Athena from Florida started it!

So this first week menu, I chose:

– for breakfast (before 8 am): whole grain bread, olive oil and camembert…

– for lunch (at least 4 or 5 hours after breakfast): chicken and rice

– for snack (at least 4 or 5 hours after lunch): 30 grams of dark chocolate (54% cacao minimum) and 50 cl of 100% pressed orange juice

– for diner (at least 2 hours after snack but 3 hours before sleeping): salmon and broccoli

These are some photos of my meals!

Lunch: Chicken and Rice

Lunch: Chicken and Rice

Diner: Salmon and Broccoli

Diner: Salmon and Broccoli









Don’t forget to check your quantities and eat only if you are hungry (except breakfast, it is a must) otherwise it won’t work!


Good luck to all!

May Starter Chrono Diet is starting!!!!

camembertFor everyone who wants to get slimmer this May, this is the blog where you can do it!

This morning, I had a delicious piece of toasted whole grain bread with 1 table spoon of olive oil and 176 grams (calculate your quantities) of camembert, this famous french cheese… And my 2 little multivitamins tablets.


If you didn’t have time to buy the food for this week nor the proteins, it is not too late!

I want everyone to be motivated and start in May, even end of May!!!!

Check the week one menu, and get your proteins ASAP! Buying proteins for me is always an additional motivation because I’m investing in a slimmer body, so I know I won’t fail and continue the program until the end, otherwise I will lose money and self-esteem!

Don’t forget to add my special promo code MAI14-CHRONO which gives us 5% discount!

Join us in this motivating program!




Why you must not eat sugar in the morning

Your body is lazy by nature. If you give it the choice between rapid energy (marmalade, fruits, smoothies etc…) or slow energy (bread, cheese…), what do you think it is going to use first???

It will use the energy that is faster to digest and assimilate and store the slow energy….maybe in your bum…


Typical French Breakfast is badBy the way, croissant is a bomb which mixes fat and sugar…

Sorry for the fruit juice lovers….

Every Day Diet: Calculate your quantities

This quantities are based on the fact that you have a profession where you sit all day long like me:


Your Height Cheese Bread
150 cm 60 g 50 g
160 cm 80 g 60 g
170 cm 100 g 70 g
180 cm 120 g 80 g
190 cm 140 g 90 g


Type of Meat Your Height Quantity
Red meat 150 cm 170 g
160 cm 180 g
170 cm 190 g
180 cm 200 g
190 cm 210 g
White meat and Poul 150 cm 220 g
160 cm 230 g
170 cm 240 g
180 cm 250 g
190 cm 260 g
Delicatessen (Sausages, salami…) 150 cm 190 g
160 cm 200 g
170 cm 210 g
180 cm 220 g
190 cm 230 g
Eggs (no more than once a week) 150 cm 1.5
160 cm 2.5
170 cm 3.5
180 cm 4.5
190 cm 5.5


Your Height Quantity
150 cm 1 table spoon (poor you!)
160 cm 2 table spoons
170 cm 3 table spoons
180 cm 4 table spoons
190 cm 5 table spoons (lucky you!)


It is the same quantities for everyone and you should take 3 things:

  • 1 bar or 1 powder bag of proteins (tryptophan)

You can find the exact proteins created for this diet on this site: http://www.protifast.com/others/stress-moods-sleepiness.html. You can be delivered worldwide and the site is in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

  • 30 grams of vegetal fat
    • EITHER Dark chocolate (min 54 % cacao)
    • OR any kind of nuts, walnuts, etc.
    • OR olives
  • Natural Sugar:
  • 1 Chinese bowl (around 25 CL) of any fruits
  • OR half a Chinese bowl of dry fruits
  • OR half a LITER (50 CL) of orange juice (100% pressed fruit only – no added sugar)


Food Your Height Quantity
Fish 150 cm 250 g
160 cm 260 g
170 cm 270 g
180 cm 280 g
190 cm 290 g
White meat or poultry 150 cm 110 g
160 cm 120 g
170 cm 130 g
180 cm 140 g
190 cm 150 g
Green vegs 150 cm 2 table spoons
160 cm 3 table spoons
170 cm 4 table spoons
180 cm 5 table spoons
190 cm 6 table spoons

Now compare with the Starter Diet >>