There are 10 times more calcium in cheese than in milk

Reader’s question:

“re the dairy: what about calcium? as I see in this diet there is no at all place for calcium (except cheese in the morning).


“There is 10 times more calcium in cheese than in milk, so you don’t have to worry!
I hope this helps and good luck!”

Milk is for children

Look at the nature, who drinks milk? BABIES.

Old man drinking milk in baby bottle
It is not good to drink milk or eat yogurt when you are grown up because it can cause you allergies to lactose, which reduced to almost 0 in cheese process. Also, good to know, cheese contains 10 times more calcium than milk or yogurt!

It is also know that if you have acne, then stopping the consumption of milk MAY improve your skin, specially if you allergic to lactose. You can still drink soya milk if you want!