Breaking news: hypercholesteromia results are clear!

Photo of a happy womanI CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I have been having high cholesterol for years and I thought it was a family thing (my both parents have this). But I made a blood test last week to check how it was after 1 year of Chrono Diet…. Received a text from the NHS yesterday telling me “Your results have been received and no action is required“. INCREDIBLE! Then yes it may be a family thing, but not genetically, it must be the way we eat and what we eat.

Years ago my gynecologist in France found that the pill I was taking was rising my cholesterol to a dangerous level too so I decided to STOP THIS SH… (see articles third and fourth pill generations articles these days.. DO NOT TAKE THE PILL this is my advice to you) but even after I stopped, I still had high cholesterol (less but still). So the doctor asked me to be careful with my diet… Here you go! 🙂

A last note on the pill, I took the pill from 15 to 26 years old, and the day I stopped, 6 months after a horrible acne came onto my face and back which I kept for 4 years until I eventually decided to do the Roacutane treatment. A similar thing happened to one of my friend which told me that there is study making a link between women who take the pill early and stop after several years, and acne appearing late…

Why you should not take the pill:

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