January Starter Diet


I have started yesterday the Starter Diet to get rid of all the sugars and others from the end of year celebrations! I hope some of you have started it, I know Athena from Florida started it!

So this first week menu, I chose:

– for breakfast (before 8 am): whole grain bread, olive oil and camembert…

– for lunch (at least 4 or 5 hours after breakfast): chicken and rice

– for snack (at least 4 or 5 hours after lunch): 30 grams of dark chocolate (54% cacao minimum) and 50 cl of 100% pressed orange juice

– for diner (at least 2 hours after snack but 3 hours before sleeping): salmon and broccoli

These are some photos of my meals!

Lunch: Chicken and Rice

Lunch: Chicken and Rice

Diner: Salmon and Broccoli

Diner: Salmon and Broccoli









Don’t forget to check your quantities and eat only if you are hungry (except breakfast, it is a must) otherwise it won’t work!


Good luck to all!


Don’t like Cheese, Chocolate, Fish or Meat? There is a solution…

Evil Cheese

Check out the weekly menu for the starter diet and you will see that you can handle it by replacing:

  • Cheese by charcuterie and 1 egg
  • Meat by cheese and fish
  • Fish by white meat
  • Chocolate (who doesn’t like chocolate????) by nuts, olives or avocado


Take part in our Global Starter Diet in May 2014

Eat less (in the evenings)

If you eat a nice and big meal in the evening and that you don’t wait 3 hours before going to bed, your body, while sleeping, will STOP THE DIGESTION WORK to concentrate on his main task in the night which is Repairing.

So your digestion will be set aside by your body, and will start ONLY in the morning once you wake up.

That’s why most people who eat a lot in their diner are not hungry at all for breakfast. Actually this is apparently the behaviour of almost all obese people.

Let your body perform his task without annoying it with digestion that it can’t handle in the night!

That’s why eating fish and little bit of veg is good. It is easy and fast to digest.