How would you look like if you were slim?


Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that I’m launching a fun and efficient tool to help us get some profound motivation to get the body of our dreams!

It is called SlimShoot!

I’m also delighted to offer a special -50% PROMO to any MyChronoDiet Visitors (specify it in the contact form)

A SlimShoot is a photo of your face with your dream body.

How does it work?

  • You send me your best portrait picture and your body shape
  • I find the perfect model/celebrity picture that has your body shape, hair and skin colors, chest size, as well as the right head position from your portrait picture.
  • I replace meticulously the model’s face with your face with Photoshop
  • And I send it to you by email so you can stick it on your vision board or fridge, or wherever you want to keep in mind your slimming goal!

Why does it work?

This had a terrific effect on your subconscious as this is completing a very ancient psychological technic of “visualisation”. If you can visualise yourself with the body you want during 21 days, your subconscious will end “believing” this is you and your body and will do everything so that it is TRUE. That works with anything you want!

Here is my Slimshoot:

I found a photo of me that I quite liked. Then I searched the Internet for hours for a model that would have the same shape as me (I have quite a big chest and very large hips). Then I found a great artistic picture of Marlene Favela, a Mexican actress and I replaced her face with mine just to see how I would be if I were as slim as I want to be.

Cecile's Original Photo

1. Cecile’s Original Photo

Marlene Favela's photo

2. Marlene Favela’s photo


My SlimShoot's picture

3. My SlimShoot!

The result was so encouraging to me that I stuck it on my Vision board, my fridge and my phone home screen! Since I did that, I’m more motivated than ever to reach the slimness I want!

I priced it £99 because I spend quite a few hours doing that meticulous job, but as I said, I offer -50% to any MyChronoDiet visitors 🙂 (specify it in the contact form)

Get your SlimShoot now for £49,50 instead of £99 !

Have a lovely slimming process!




Chrono Diet and Fast Diet: Is it compatible?

I have just read the Fast Diet by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spenser. This is an other revolutionary way of eating: you eat LESS twice a week only (500 calories for women and 600 for men). This is good not only for weight loss but also for your general health and energy.

I have already tried fasting last year for 3 days (I wanted to try what was the Ramadan like) and I felt so much energy after 3 days. That was a bit surreal, I thought that the energy contained in your fat that your body uses when you fast has got a lot more energy than the one contained in the food you consume. Also, I did it because I read a lot of benefits on fasting. Our body is designed for it (see my post Good news: 10 kg more than your normal weight is natural (women only!)).

SO, I will try the combination of Chrono Diet and Fast Diet and will tell you the results.

I have not been good in my Chrono Diet for few weeks now and I haven’t lost any more weight (but I haven’t taken any either). Today I’m 69 KG. I have started the Fast Diet last Thursday, and it was OK because you can drink as much water, tea or coffee (with no milk or sugar of course) throughout the day. I haven’t eaten since the morning until 7:30 in the evening which was almost 22 hours fast. The day after I felt already an energy that I didn’t have before and I enjoyed eating normally . Tomorrow Monday is my second fast day, I’m ready for it!

I will keep you posted!

Why you must not eat sugar in the morning

Your body is lazy by nature. If you give it the choice between rapid energy (marmalade, fruits, smoothies etc…) or slow energy (bread, cheese…), what do you think it is going to use first???

It will use the energy that is faster to digest and assimilate and store the slow energy….maybe in your bum…


Typical French Breakfast is badBy the way, croissant is a bomb which mixes fat and sugar…

Sorry for the fruit juice lovers….

Breaking news: hypercholesteromia results are clear!

Photo of a happy womanI CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I have been having high cholesterol for years and I thought it was a family thing (my both parents have this). But I made a blood test last week to check how it was after 1 year of Chrono Diet…. Received a text from the NHS yesterday telling me “Your results have been received and no action is required“. INCREDIBLE! Then yes it may be a family thing, but not genetically, it must be the way we eat and what we eat.

Years ago my gynecologist in France found that the pill I was taking was rising my cholesterol to a dangerous level too so I decided to STOP THIS SH… (see articles third and fourth pill generations articles these days.. DO NOT TAKE THE PILL this is my advice to you) but even after I stopped, I still had high cholesterol (less but still). So the doctor asked me to be careful with my diet… Here you go! 🙂

A last note on the pill, I took the pill from 15 to 26 years old, and the day I stopped, 6 months after a horrible acne came onto my face and back which I kept for 4 years until I eventually decided to do the Roacutane treatment. A similar thing happened to one of my friend which told me that there is study making a link between women who take the pill early and stop after several years, and acne appearing late…

Why you should not take the pill:

France confirms Diane-35 drug deaths
Are Yaz, Yasmin, and Drospirenone Birth Control Pills Putting Your Health at Risk?