Breaking news: hypercholesteromia results are clear!

Photo of a happy womanI CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I have been having high cholesterol for years and I thought it was a family thing (my both parents have this). But I made a blood test last week to check how it was after 1 year of Chrono Diet…. Received a text from the NHS yesterday telling me “Your results have been received and no action is required“. INCREDIBLE! Then yes it may be a family thing, but not genetically, it must be the way we eat and what we eat.

Years ago my gynecologist in France found that the pill I was taking was rising my cholesterol to a dangerous level too so I decided to STOP THIS SH… (see articles third and fourth pill generations articles these days.. DO NOT TAKE THE PILL this is my advice to you) but even after I stopped, I still had high cholesterol (less but still). So the doctor asked me to be careful with my diet… Here you go! 🙂

A last note on the pill, I took the pill from 15 to 26 years old, and the day I stopped, 6 months after a horrible acne came onto my face and back which I kept for 4 years until I eventually decided to do the Roacutane treatment. A similar thing happened to one of my friend which told me that there is study making a link between women who take the pill early and stop after several years, and acne appearing late…

Why you should not take the pill:

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Cheese: the medicine against Hypercholesterolemia…

Woman eating cheese

Apparently. if you eat cheese in the morning, your body will use the cheese fat to regenerate your cell walls and reduce the bad cholesterol… The biology process explained in Dr Delabos’ book is a bit too complex and I can’t really translate it because it is hard to understand if you don’t know biology like me… 🙂

But be careful, cheese is only for the morning and in some cases lunch but consuming it in the afternoon or evening, your body will store the fat and may raise your bad cholesterol.