Chrono Diet and Fast Diet: Is it compatible?

I have just read the Fast Diet by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spenser. This is an other revolutionary way of eating: you eat LESS twice a week only (500 calories for women and 600 for men). This is good not only for weight loss but also for your general health and energy.

I have already tried fasting last year for 3 days (I wanted to try what was the Ramadan like) and I felt so much energy after 3 days. That was a bit surreal, I thought that the energy contained in your fat that your body uses when you fast has got a lot more energy than the one contained in the food you consume. Also, I did it because I read a lot of benefits on fasting. Our body is designed for it (see my post Good news: 10 kg more than your normal weight is natural (women only!)).

SO, I will try the combination of Chrono Diet and Fast Diet and will tell you the results.

I have not been good in my Chrono Diet for few weeks now and I haven’t lost any more weight (but I haven’t taken any either). Today I’m 69 KG. I have started the Fast Diet last Thursday, and it was OK because you can drink as much water, tea or coffee (with no milk or sugar of course) throughout the day. I haven’t eaten since the morning until 7:30 in the evening which was almost 22 hours fast. The day after I felt already an energy that I didn’t have before and I enjoyed eating normally . Tomorrow Monday is my second fast day, I’m ready for it!

I will keep you posted!