Don’t like Cheese, Chocolate, Fish or Meat? There is a solution…

Evil Cheese

Check out the weekly menu for the starter diet and you will see that you can handle it by replacing:

  • Cheese by charcuterie and 1 egg
  • Meat by cheese and fish
  • Fish by white meat
  • Chocolate (who doesn’t like chocolate????) by nuts, olives or avocado


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Quantities to take for the magical snack time!

I received a very good question from a reader:

 I really like your website..
 Can you specify the quantity on the snack?
 How much chocolate/fruit/fat…??
Thanks so much”


And I replied:


“Thank you for your message! I’m happy that you like it.
Yes I know I need to update it to inform on the quantities for snack:
– 30 grams of dark chocolate (min  54% cacao) OR any nuts
– 1 Chinese bowl of fresh fruits (except bananas) OR half a Chinese bowl of dry fruits (like dates, apricots etc.) OR 50cl of freshly squeezed orange juice.
I hope this helps!”