What kind of chocolate can I eat in my snack?

A very good question from a reader:

I would like to start this diet as well. I have a question re the snack time: is it right that you can have it only after 5 pm? and how much can you have chocolate or what else for snack time? I mean, I would not be able to snack the olives…
I love sweets: milka, suchard, honey, etc.
Could you please give me your opinion on it.
Looking forward to hearing from you!


My answer:


1. You should have your snack time about 4 to 5 hours after your lunch, so it has nothing to do with the time.
2. For snack, you can eat about 30gr of DARK chocolate (54% min of cacao), sorry but you need to forget about Milka or Suchard. These are full of fats that will be stored immediately where you don’t want! However, I don’t know where you live but there are some really nice and sweet dark chocolates mixed with nuts which are delicious (Brand: Cote d’or). You should keep your Suchard and others for your joker meals!
3. What else for snack: all kind of nuts (30gr) and also something sweet like fruits, cooked fruit (example: apple in the oven is really nice or dried mangos..)”

Quantities to take for the magical snack time!

I received a very good question from a reader:

 I really like your website..
 Can you specify the quantity on the snack?
 How much chocolate/fruit/fat…??
Thanks so much”


And I replied:


“Thank you for your message! I’m happy that you like it.
Yes I know I need to update it to inform on the quantities for snack:
– 30 grams of dark chocolate (min  54% cacao) OR any nuts
– 1 Chinese bowl of fresh fruits (except bananas) OR half a Chinese bowl of dry fruits (like dates, apricots etc.) OR 50cl of freshly squeezed orange juice.
I hope this helps!”



Every Day Diet: Calculate your quantities

This quantities are based on the fact that you have a profession where you sit all day long like me:


Your Height Cheese Bread
150 cm 60 g 50 g
160 cm 80 g 60 g
170 cm 100 g 70 g
180 cm 120 g 80 g
190 cm 140 g 90 g


Type of Meat Your Height Quantity
Red meat 150 cm 170 g
160 cm 180 g
170 cm 190 g
180 cm 200 g
190 cm 210 g
White meat and Poul 150 cm 220 g
160 cm 230 g
170 cm 240 g
180 cm 250 g
190 cm 260 g
Delicatessen (Sausages, salami…) 150 cm 190 g
160 cm 200 g
170 cm 210 g
180 cm 220 g
190 cm 230 g
Eggs (no more than once a week) 150 cm 1.5
160 cm 2.5
170 cm 3.5
180 cm 4.5
190 cm 5.5


Your Height Quantity
150 cm 1 table spoon (poor you!)
160 cm 2 table spoons
170 cm 3 table spoons
180 cm 4 table spoons
190 cm 5 table spoons (lucky you!)


It is the same quantities for everyone and you should take 3 things:

  • 1 bar or 1 powder bag of proteins (tryptophan)

You can find the exact proteins created for this diet on this site: http://www.protifast.com/others/stress-moods-sleepiness.html. You can be delivered worldwide and the site is in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

  • 30 grams of vegetal fat
    • EITHER Dark chocolate (min 54 % cacao)
    • OR any kind of nuts, walnuts, etc.
    • OR olives
  • Natural Sugar:
  • 1 Chinese bowl (around 25 CL) of any fruits
  • OR half a Chinese bowl of dry fruits
  • OR half a LITER (50 CL) of orange juice (100% pressed fruit only – no added sugar)


Food Your Height Quantity
Fish 150 cm 250 g
160 cm 260 g
170 cm 270 g
180 cm 280 g
190 cm 290 g
White meat or poultry 150 cm 110 g
160 cm 120 g
170 cm 130 g
180 cm 140 g
190 cm 150 g
Green vegs 150 cm 2 table spoons
160 cm 3 table spoons
170 cm 4 table spoons
180 cm 5 table spoons
190 cm 6 table spoons

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