Lazy to do any gym? Try Zumba!

Lazy woman

Photo from Mike John Scott’s

If you were like me: lazy to do any exercise… stopping as soon as my breathing becomes different and that it looks like I’m gonna die… try one thing: the group exercises.

I was lazy and not doing any exercise until my friends forced me to go a Zumba class… I personally am VERY lazy but I have always loved to dance! If you are like me, try Zumba because you have fun during 45 min or 1 hour and you realise at the end of the class that you are all sweaty and your face is red!


Since that day I registered to a local gym and do almost all the group exercises that exist: body pump, body combat (I love this one), zumba etc.. I tried yoga but I didn’t like it’s too boring…

However, I tried these horrible machines when you run or cycle on your own with music in the ears and this is not for me at all, I get tooooo bored and my laziness comes back. Last time I tried to run, I stayed 5 mins I hate it!

The good thing in the group exercise is that you have:

  1. Loud music
  2. A teacher who motivates you
  3. Other people fatter than you doing it, so you can’t NOT do it!

Now I go to the gym ONLY FOR THE CLASSES twice a week as a minimum (except holidays).

And the nice thing is that you can see how your skin becomes tone and smooth… It’s nice for your partner too… 😉